Saturday, March 19, 2005

Lone Wolf

My niece is an animal lover...all animals. But her real passion is wolves. She even went to Yellowstone National Park and hung out with a guy who worked there studying them. So it seemed appropriate, when I found this pattern, to crochet it and give it to her. I believe this is the 3rd graph afghan that I have made. Sometimes when I'm crocheting from graphs I wonder if it's worth the hard work...but when I get these results in the end I know it was worth every hour I spent tucking in loose ends.


bjgumpy said...

This afghan is absolutely gorgeous!!! do you have a graph that you are will to sell/give out for it???? I am a wolf/Siberian Husky lover also and would give my eye teeth to have this pattern to make an"Ilove me" afghan.

Randa said...

bjgumpy...if you will give me your contact info, we can work something out for the pattern :-)

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