Friday, May 06, 2005

Crocheting on the go...

My husband has had several medical appointments these past couple days and I always go with him (armed with a crochet project). Yesterday while sitting in the waiting room crocheting the floor length hooded cape, I was approached by a woman who asked me if I could make her a poncho and an afghan for her husband to use in his semi-truck. (One of these days I'm going to learn not to leave home without a business card.) I gave her my name and number and she said she'd call...we'll see.
Today, while waiting in a different waiting room, I took a new project to start because the 2 graph afghans I am working on are not exactly portable anymore and I got so much accomplished on the cape that it's too cumbersome to carry around. So I started on a full skirt halter top for a girl. It would be done now but for one thing...I ran out of yarn. I'm half tempted to start another project, when what I should really be doing is cleaning my house. Hmmmm, clean or crochet, what should I do?

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Debi said...

That's a no brainer Randa. Crochet of course!!! ;-)

Hope all is well with your hubby.

be blessed!