Monday, May 30, 2005

I'm back....

I couldn't take it any more. I HAD to get this Felix afghan done. It was driving me nuts and I'm so tired of making afghans. Well, that's not true exactly, I'm really anxious to start a new one but I had to control myself until I finished everything I was already doing...and Felix was the last project. I will post a picture later today (I'm too lazy right now). Knowing that I was making this for my 6' tall son I had added 10 rows to the start with the intention of adding 10 rows to the end. I also planned to add a border. My thought was that when it was done it would be long enough...WRONG! So then I started getting inventive with the border. I couldn't add any more length in the actual afghan because that would make it off center and while I'm sure Dylan won't care, it would drive me crazy! I've got to figure out why all my graph afghans seem to be coming out wider than they are long. Anyway...since Dylan just bought a car, maybe he'll use it for decoration.

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