Saturday, July 30, 2005


I haven't had much time for crocheting. I sneak a few minutes in here and there but our roof leaked and by the time we knew it was leaking it was "too late". This nightmare has really turned into a blessing in disguise - for many reasons. One being that "we" (as in my husband mostly) has been working on the house in preparation for selling it. Because of "the leak" the insurance company is basically paying for us to redo all the upstairs bedrooms and we have a contractor coming in Monday. The other reason this has turned into a blessing is because it has forced me to finish what I started a few months ago...organizing my yarn stash. I had done all the fun and easy stuff and all that was left was a mish-mash of yarn and boxes of yarn that had been given to me and I had never really gone through. In order to empty one of the bedrooms I've had to finish what I started. I've got all kinds of yarn that I didn't know I had - and some I will probably never use. I have rug yarn - in many colors but only one with the possibility of actually being enough to make anything - and I hadn't really considered using rug yarn for anything before. I also ran across some 100% virgin wool yarn that I'm sure I will never use - in a momentary flash I considered that maybe I could learn to felt with it, but the last thing I need is another aspect of this addiction rearing it's ugly head. Taking on thread is enough - at least for now. I have lots of yarn that must be pretty old - 70's or before - and lots of it that doesn't have labels so I don't know what I'll do with it. Some of it I'm 99% sure is 100% acrylic so I can use it in a scrap project, or 2, or 3, or 4...All this time spent going through this part of my stash has caused many WIMs to come to mind. I can't wait to get started on many new projects.

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Debi said...

I've wanted to try felting! What color is your wool? You know, you could send out your unwanted yarn as RAOK's, or put 'em on EBAY.