Friday, June 06, 2008

Coca-Cola Kitchen

So...this is what I've been working on for the past year. Actually, I've just been supervising and paying for this work to be done. Seriously, folks, I'm not at all skilled in this arena.

To the left is a small part of the kitchen counter, designed to look like a clock. The "numbers" are actually metal Coke caps. The center is a Coca-Cola stone coaster. The white background is broken up ceramic tiles. And the hour and minutes hands are ceramic tile (Paul had the contractor set the time on the clock to the time I was born---awwww, that was sooooo sweet.)

Here is the spotlight of the whole kitchen in some ways. Coca-Cola was spelled out with clear "coca-cola green" ceramic tiles that were cut and shaped painstakingly by our contractor. They did a BEAUTIFUL job! No picture could ever do it justice.

This is a small portion of the kitchen to give you a little perspective. I hope to get some better pictures soon, but like I said, pictures could never do it justice. The cabinets are sooooo awesome!


Anonymous said...

This is awsome! I have seen pictures of 'coca-cola kitchens' but this is first class!

Anonymous said...

Wow Super!!

debbie Shipley said...

Oh this would be my dream kitchen....i looooooooove red!!! And Cocacola!

Anonymous said...

I have my kitchen in coca cola also and I have been lookin for coca cola ceramic tile or red ceramic tile can u please tell me where u purchased ur red ceramic tile i would really apprreciate it. thank you