Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Another one down...


This beautiful pattern came from Crochet for Caring & Sharing published by House of White Birches. I fell in love with it several months ago but have been so busy completing projects for others that I hadn't had the time to make it for myself. Recently I got to the point that I had to work on something that I "wanted" to work on and this became "it". I used Patons Melody Lavender (that I got on sale) and some scrap worsted weight that just happened to match for the cuffs. It was a breeze to make and it's one of those patterns that I'm sure I'll do over and over again (and hope I can find homes for). The only real problem was that I found it under the category of Sensational Seniors and so, of course, I'm wondering if I love it so much because I'm OLD! That couldn't have happened to me when I wasn't looking, could it? Just yesterday I was starting my life...or was that 30 years ago? Actually, I'm not old...but I realize that I am truly in the middle age category (assuming I will live as long as my grandmothers who died at 82 and 92-that's an average of 87 and I'm 44--yup, I'm middle aged).

Now I must get back to the projects that have deadlines (even if they are self-imposed). I hope you all have a blessed day!

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Debi said...

Wait a minute! I'm 46, and I'm not middle-aged. It's a state of mind! ;-) You certainly don't sound old to me.

Have a young day girlfriend!

ps Love your Jesus button!