Sunday, May 01, 2005

My yarn stash...

I've been moving my yarn stash from my home (where it has overflowed from one room into almost every room in the house) to our office building. These are pictures of my first phase of organizing. When I took these pictures I thought that it was almost all of the yarn that I have. Then I came home and saw what was left to be moved is much more than I thought. So, my best guess is that this is about 70% of my yarn stash. Every container is full!!! The last picture is of a 50 gallon container filled with cones of cotton yarn.
I am now concentrating on controlling the impulse to buy yarn just because it's "pretty" and since the yarn companies have recently released some beautiful new colors this is a real struggle. I just have to remind myself that there is just no justification for making any unnecessary yarn purchases.
I haven't spent a single minute crocheting for the past few days. Recently I took up another hobby -- beading. I have a girlfriend who has been beading for a couple years and we spent the last 2 days going to bead stores. Last night we finally sat down and did some actual beading. I made 2 necklaces - now I have 3 purple beaded necklaces. So is it time to start a "beading blog"?


Debi said...

Hey Randa,
If you need a "sister" to share your stash with, I'm up for adoption!

Karla said...

Hey, no need to start a 'beading blog'! Just share what you're doing here. We'd love to read more!