Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Yarn Purchase

I'm so excited!! For the second time, I've purchased "novelty" yarns directly from Istanbul, Turkey. My order came today and I am so pleased with the quality of the yarn and the speed of their delivery (7 days! My order 6 days ago from Herrshner's has not arrived yet.) This yarn is similar to Red Heart Tiki which I haven't seen cheaper than $4.99/ball. I was able to order directly from Turkey and pay only $2.58/ball (including shipping). As I said, this is the second time I have purchased from Istanbul, Turkey. My first experience, with a different supplier, was just as satisfying. The yarn I purchased then, I have not seen an equivalent for...but then I haven't really searched either. With that yarn I plan to make the Blackberry Camisole from the March 2005 Crochet! magazine--for myself! It was a wonderful "yarn" day!!!!


Debi said...

Cool Randa! May I ask where you got your order info? I would like to try some different yarns, too. Thanks girl friend!

Kim Wyatt said...

I'd like to know the name of your supplier in Turkey too. From your fellow cp lister, Kim Wyatt

Karla said...

Your supplier in Turkey? C'mon, enquiring minds want to know! ;-)