Sunday, June 05, 2005

Frogging again...

We were in NY again this weekend and while my husband was out riding his bike 162 miles (we won't mention that he was supposed to do 188 miles), I was soaking up the sun in a tiny little campground in Chittenango Falls and crocheting.

I spent about 5 hours working on the "Wild Night At Our House" graph afghan. As the sun was setting and a beautiful day was coming to a close, I decided that the colors that I had picked just weren't going to work...and began frogging.

Before I knew it I was on a roll and frogged "Chantilly Lace" also.

All in all it was a very unproductive weekend for crocheting.

I did manage to complete 12 rows of the back of the "Blackberry Camisole". Since all I had to make it with was Paton's Grace in gold, that's what I'm using...I guess that means it is more like a lemon camisole. It is very pretty and so far very easy to make. I can't wait to do it with the yarn I purchased from Turkey specifically for this project.

Before I restart the graph afghan again, I think I'll go out and buy an afghan stitch hook...I was using a double end crochet hook and that is difficult to work with when you have 150 stitches on an 11" hook..

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Debi said...

Wow! That's gorgeous! It reminds me of the Cascades here in VA. Excellent photo.

What pattern are you using for your "lemom cami"?

I have an afghan hook that has a cable on the end. I'm using it for the camo afghan. It's great to have.