Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm about to load a bunch of pictures and it's going to make you think I've been crocheting my fingers to the bone. The truth is, these first two pictures were done quite some time ago and the granny square one is only the size of a large doll blanket. I gave them as gifts this weekend and I actually remembered to take pictures of them.

Then there's these two afghans...which were both about 95% complete when I set them down over 2 years ago. I don't know why I didn't just finish them back then, but they're done now and ready for the craft show I'm signed up for in December.

This shrug is from a Leisure Arts leaflet I picked up on my travels (I don't remember the name). Very simple pattern! I was able to complete it in a days time. Hopefully I'll have time to do a few more before the craft show.

This is the hat and scarf I made for one of my girlfriends. I had forgotten to take pictures before I gave it to her but then I took it back becuz I didn't like the way the scarf had turned out, so I frogged it and used a different "pattern". And this time I remembered to take pictures before I gave it to her. It was made with the ribbon yarn and I'd use it again, but it sure wouldn't be my first choice.

I got bored while we were driving back to Michigan from Texas so I decided to make myself a cell phone holder and pda cover. I used 100% nylon - I'm guessing it's about the size of sport weight yarn. It's a little hard on the fingers to work with, but since the projects were small it wasn't too much of a problem. I definitely want to make up a bunch of these for the craft show. Although the buttons look cute, they are a pain to put on and hard to fasten so I'm thinking of using velcro. We'll see how that turns out. I'm thinking I can use the hot glue gun to attach the velcro to the nylon.

I've also made a couple cradle purses but the pictures came out blurry so I will have to retake them and post them later (maybe tonight, but probably tomorrow).

I'm never going to have time to make all the things I want to for this upcoming craft show. I'm completely sold out of baby items, so I need to try to get at least of few of those made up, along with all the other ideas I have swimming in my head. I have to keep reminding myself that whatever I work on until the craft show has to be quick and easy so I can get more done. Fortunately I have lots of potholders, oven towels, a few plastic grocery bag holder angels, several afghans and some scrunchies. With what I already have made up I had to buy 2 tables (I better sell at least enought to cover that cost.)

Other than crochet I have been working on the house in order to put it up for sale. Is it just me, or have I been saying this for the past 2 years? We actually had a realtor come out on Saturday. He's going to get back with us this Saturday with specifics. We're still not really ready to put up that "For Sale" sign, but I have help coming Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week and hopefully we'll be ready by Saturday.

We still have a few more jaunts planned before tax season gets underway. This Saturday (after we meet with the realtor) we are heading to Indianapolis to see the Battle of the Bands competition. I have know idea how that came up, but it should be fun. Then the 6th of December (I think) we are heading to Virginia Beach to spend some time with the grand kids (and their parents.)
More later...


Jade said...

I think your scarf is lovely.

Bitchin' work.

Debi said...

I really like your shrug, Randa. I can't imagine finishing it in one day!!!

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