Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cradle Purses...finally...

Here they are...the cradle purse pictures I planned to post a week ago. (Sometimes life just gets in the way of my plans.)

I've almost completed 2 more sets. Hopefully while we are driving back and forth between Holly and Detroit today (minimum 1 hour each way), I'll finish them. And since Paul wants to make at least 2 trips, I'll have no excuses.

For some reason today, I can't seem to make my pictures do what I want them to, so they are spread out and this entry looks looooonnnggg and drrrraaaawwwnnn out...sorry!

Gotta get ready for physical therapy (in the opposite direction of Detroit) and then those fun drives to Detroit. I'm not so sure that pulling a trailer with all my appliances on this
is such a great idea, but...anyway...

I have some hat/scarf sets completed and will post pictures of them next time.

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Summerysmile said...

I like your cradle purse! I made one of those too! They are adorable. Where did you get the dolls you used?