Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I haven't posted in awhile, so thought I would drop a short line. Haven't had a chance to take pictures of what I've been working on but hopefully I will soon.

In December when I went to Crossville, Tennessee to visit my parents, my mom gave me some crochet hooks (most of them steel) that were my grandma's. Now, without giving my mom's age away (cuz you never know when she might pop in here), mom said she remembers grandma using these same hooks when she was a child - that would make these hooks at least 60 years old. Even though I have no intention of letting these go, I'm still curious as to their possible worth. Tax season has started so it might be awhile before I get a chance to do some research, but if anyone out there has any good suggestions for online research please email me by clicking on the link to the right.

Have to go for now...


Debi said...

Happy Valentine's Randa!!!

Anonymous said...

Rhonda, have you taken your Grandma's hooks for a fiber ride yet?

At any rate, you'll want to hang onto those hooks as they are much, much better quality than the ones they're selling today! Couldn't tell you the worth, but do know many crocheters covet the oldies purely because of quality!