Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Rip it...Rip it...Rip it...

Another sleepless night...Probably because I've spent the last 2 days frogging the same cape/poncho over and over again. I don't know if the pattern is written wrong, I'm reading it wrong, both or neither but I'm giving least for now. This is a cape I'm supposed to have done by Friday so I just don't have any more time to try figuring it out. Lest a pattern gets the best of me though, I'm sure I'll be taking another stab at it in the future...and another...and another...until I get it right. I started a new pattern, that I'm adapting from a poncho to a cape (open in the front) and 20 or so rows into it, I'm thinking maybe I'll just make the rest of it up as I go along. Thanx to my "crochet partners" at I'm thinking outside the box. For someone so structured as me, this is a strange place to think--but I'm getting the hang of it quite nicely. Heading back to the comfy couch to pick up that cape and give it a whirl...have a great day everyone!!!

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