Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I've been so busy...We arrived in Winter Park, Colorado last Friday afternoon. The weather has been PERFECT! I stumbled upon a local yarn store (Yarn Nook) in town and just had to go in and take a look. Of course I couldn't afford anything but the yarn sure was beautiful. They also had a lady weaving and there was a spinning wheel that I assume gets it's share of use. They cater to knitting but the owner was pleasant when I told her I crochet.

While we've been out and about in the Denver Metro area made a point of seeking out a Hobby Lobby. I have read so much on my crochet groups about their great selection of yarn that I wanted to check it out for myself. I thought I had died and gone to yarn heaven! Although they didn't have any yarn on sale, all crochet and knitting books were 50% off - I took advantage of that. I also bought a couple types of yarn that I had heard about but had never actually seen in a store. I stuffed 3 bags of yarn into 2 bags - so my husband wouldn't think I had gone overboard. But when he saw how excited I was - his response was "why didn't you buy twice that much?" So....while he's on his 200 mile bike ride later this week, I wil be at Hobby Lobby (with a clear conscience). That's about it for now...lots more going on but I will save it for another day.

Below is the second lapghan I have completed for charity. I have other squares completed but nothing that "matches" and I can throw together. I still have some "scraps" I can make into squares but will have to wait until I get back home and pull out some more scraps to match up to what I have done.

I've completed 3 (almost 4) of the squares needed to make the "Far Out" afghan that won 1st place in Herrschner's juvenile afghans contest. There are pictures of them below.

I'll tell you about my "Nifty Knitter" experience next time...


Debi said...

Those are really cool looking squares!

Anonymous said...

Your squares are looking great; can't wait to see the project finished!